With the growing population of the Earth and the consequent ever-increasing, recurring consumption, concepts such as sustainable development, environmental awareness and ecological footprint become increasingly important if we want our planet to be a place to live for future generations. In the age of disposable devices we want to create products that we only need to buy once for a life.

Reliability and durability are the most important aspects of designing and manufacturing Remlide products. Each technology used has been chosen to maximize product lifetime and resilience to environmental impacts as much as possible. Thanks to the wireless and solar charging as well as the capacitive touch panel our product forms a hermetically sealed structure that cannot get either liquid or gas. With its inherent technology it does not contain any moving parts at all, which is also intended to increase lifetime. Our first product Flare 250 shown in the picture, carries the features that make it almost indestructible in the most extreme conditions.

Our patented product came to combine technologies such as wireless and solar charging, capacitive touch panel operation, ultra-capacity power storage, and high power LED light emission. By putting these technologies in an UV-stable resin, our product is completely isolated from environmental impacts, in parallel light can travel in both directions through the resin and even wireless charging and capacitive switches can be operated through the coating.

Due to the complete lack of moving parts and the hermetically sealed structure Flare 250 can withstand most of the environmental impacts that occur and even extreme overpressure or vacuum does not compromise its structure. Without the need of completeness we listed the most profound environmental impacts that our product can withstand.

All of our products will be created according to three basic design axioms:

  • No moving parts
  • Hermetically sealed structure
  • The lifetime of the components used is at least 100,000 hours / 100,000 cycles

Our obvious intention is to create a product which - even if we dig underground for 500 years - will continue working without any problems.

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