Resin Embed Lighting Device

As an engineer every time I buy a new product, I will unintentionally inspect how careful the design and construction work is. I'm looking at the quality of the materials, machining and assembling, how ergonomic the geometry of the device is. From these observations and from my previous experiences, I have an unintentional opinion in my head about the product - held in my hand -, if it is a durable, reliable piece or conversely. Accordingly, I always try to choose (or design) products, which are as reliable and long life as possible.

As a fan of science-fiction books, I often wonder if we are able to produce devices, that can last up to several thousand years without significant reduction in functionality, in addition to the state of the art.

We all know the annoying situation, when we need a flashlight, but there is no battery in it, the accumulator inside it is broken or it's bulb burnt out, it's switch failed. The sight of the used batteries at the bottom of the drawers is known by anyone, coupled with the remorse, caused by the lack of environmental awareness.

Based on the above thoughts the basic question of our project was born:

"Is it possible to design and produce a lighting device that has no predetermined lifespan?"

Our aim is to design and produce reliable, energy-efficient and cost-effective flashlights on behalf of sustainability.

Remlide Team


Dániel Kristóf
Founder, owner

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