I'm pleased to announce that the Remlide project has been included in the Grenhouse - Climate-KIC 2018 incubation program. The program aims to help starting businesses that can have a long-term positive impact on energy efficiency and the reduction of harmful emissions.
Learn more at https://www.climate-kic.org

Thanks to the redesigned lens and reflector the third Remlide protoype reveals a new scale of light intensity.

The second Prototype of the Flare 250 is now completed. Based on the feedbacks from the first prototype, size and weight reduction were the most important tasks. With the rearrangement of the parts and the new tooling, the diameter was reduced by 8 mm to 50 mm and its length from 225 mm to 205 mm. Thanks to these, the lamp weight decreased also by 30%, currently ~500 g.

In the next, third prototype, I will use an improved control electronics, which will allow the lamp to operate significantly longer, parallel with the simpler assembling and lower manufacturing costs. Additionally, I am researching the possibility of a new solar cells that are more efficient. With these improvements, additional cost reductions and efficiency gains will be available.

In the future, I plan to try the lamp under the most extreme conditions to find if it can withstand extreme conditions. The first such test was the operation at low temperature. The lamp was placed in a bowl of water and cooled to -18°C. I was wondering if the low temperature would cause any failure or reduce the operating time. The test was successfully completed on the second prototype, the lamp functioned well after freezing and its operating time was not reduced detectably.

In the past few months, I have received a lot of feedback about the lamp. For these, I would like to say thank you! Most constructive criticisms affected the size and weight of the lamp so I wanted to improve these parameters first. After many designs and working hours, the diameter of the second prototype was reduced by 8 mm and its length by 20 mm. This reduction in size will naturally also affect the weight of the lamp, according to my calculations, a reduction of about 30% is expected. I say it is expected because the exact mass can be measured only when the prototype is ready, after the solidification of the resin.
The prototype will be ready at the end of the week, visit the page regulary for further information!

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