Remlide 250SW is the first product of Remlide, which is currently in the prototype phase. By rethinking the flashlight, our aim was to create a tool that eliminates the most annoying problems that arise when using the current products, such as discharged energy source, broken switches, slow charging, and network power dependency. Our first product incorporates technologies such as capacitive touch switch, solar charging on almost the entire surface of the lamp, high capacity ultra-capacitor power storage, wireless charging. All-over-the-art components are housed in UV-resistant, durable resin housing that prevents any gas or dust from entering the inside of the device. Thanks to this and the total lack of moving parts, our tool can withstand even the most extreme environmental impacts.

Our device, of course, is a drop, dust and shock resistant, and by lifting these properties to a new level, we can say that it can withstand even vacuum and extreme overpressure, and it's structure cannot be damaged by most corrosive substances. The condenser energy storage is designed for approximately 1 million charge discharge cycles, so no energy storage replacement is required.

Main features:

  • Size (length / Ø): 180 mm / 44 mm
  • Mass: 350 g
  • Switch: electric sealed capacitive touch panel
  • LED: Cree XLamp XP-G3
  • Functions: diffused and concentrated light, variable brightness
  • Brightness: 10-100 Lumen (adjustable)
  • Operating time: 2 - 36 hours (depending on brightness)
  • Charging: Solar panel, wireless charging from USB port
  • Charging time (wireless charging from USB port): 20 minutes
  • Charging time (Solar panel): 1 - 12 hours (depending on brightness)
  • Operating temperature (nominal operating time and light intensity): -40°C/+60°C
  • Self-discharging in dark environment: ~5% / day
  • No moving parts
  • Explosion-proof (turning on and off without any spark)
  • Resistance: vacuum, overpressure, vibration, acceleration, liquids, dust, elasticity, UV radiation, corrosive substances etc.

Our obvious intention is to create a product which - even if we dig underground for 500 years - will continue working without any problems.

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